How to Make Your Phone Aesthetic

When you want to add a splash of color to your iPhone, try changing the wallpaper. This can be done using the Apple support page, or you can download matching icon packs for free. You can even use Twitter as a source of free icons. To add an icon to your iPhone, go to Settings > General> Wallpaper and select “Choose a new wallpaper.” If you’d like to change the lock screen too, you can choose a video wallpaper (also known as a “Live Photo”), which is a GIF-like moving image.

how to make your phone aesthetic iphone

To make your home screen more appealing, you can use widgets. Customizing your widgets will give your iPhone a personalized feel. iOS 14 also comes with a wide range of themes and custom apps, and you can easily create a custom aesthetic with the help of Widgetsmith. You can also add app icons to your widgets to tie everything together. The following steps will help you customize your iPhone’s home screen.

Choose the perfect wallpaper. Having a great wallpaper can give your phone an edge over your rivals and increase your chances of getting noticed. If you are concerned about the size of your iPhone, you can also download custom app icons that are perfect for your needs. These simple techniques will give your phone a personal touch and make your phone aesthetic. Aside from changing the wallpaper, you can also make your home screen more useful with the use of widgets.

Aesthetic home screens are still quite popular these days, and you can do the same. The new features of iOS 14 allow you to customize the look of your home screen. For example, you can change the size of your app icons and your wallpaper, and tie everything in with the overall theme. With just a few steps, you can have an aesthetically pleasing iPhone home screen without spending a fortune. Once you’ve finished your customization, you can then move the apps to wherever you’d like them.

Another way to make your phone aesthetic is to add custom app icons to your home screen. By creating a custom icon, you can make the icons you want to appear on your iPhone be whatever you’d like. By making your icon-customizing process easier, you can create a personal style that suits you. While you’re at it, you can add more widgets on the home screen, which will also help you manage the apps that you already have.

Once you’ve downloaded the latest iOS version, you can customize the layout of your home screen and remove unnecessary icons. You can also bundle your non-aesthetic pages into an App Library that appears at the bottom of the home screen scroll. These three methods will make your phone aesthetic and protect your phone from scratches. They have many advantages and will be useful for you if you’d like to have an aesthetic iPhone.

Aesthetic Kit is another great option for changing the look of your home screen. This subscription-based app will let you create beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone. The free version isn’t very useful and will cause pop-ups, which is annoying. To get an aesthetic iPhone, download the app Aesthetic Kit and make your home screen look great. You can then change the colors of the wallpaper and other icons to match the aesthetic of your phone.

Aesthetic Kit is a subscription-based app that lets you customize your home screen. It offers a number of free and paid themes. The only downfall of this service is the pop-up ads. You will need to pay for the paid version to have the full feature set of options. Aesthetic Kit has a good selection of themes. You can choose between holiday and everyday themes. Aesthetic Kit is the best option if you’re looking to personalize your phone.

Changing the appearance of your home screen is easy and affordable, and it gives you more freedom to customize your phone. It’s also very practical. Using an iPhone case will prevent the screen from being damaged. However, it’s important to choose a case that is both aesthetic and functional. It’s also essential to protect your phone from accidental drops. Once you’ve done these, you’re ready to make your phone as aesthetic as possible.