How to Make Your iOS 14 Home Screen Aesthetic Af

how to make your ios 14 home screen aesthetic af

The “aesthetic af” category of iPhone home screen screenshots is growing rapidly on social media. The wide variety of designs and styles reflects this trend. For example, 23-year-old Katarina Mogus’ tutorial video for iOS 14 has received more than 27 million views, and it has been liked by over three million people. Some of the more extreme examples include using custom icons and adding a wallpaper to the homescreen.

There are many different ways to customize the home screen of your iPhone. One way to do it is to pick a unique aesthetic trend. For example, you could pick a color scheme and organize your apps by that color. You can use the Widgetsmith app to add custom images and calendars to your home screen. You can also download TikTok themes for iOS 14 from the App Store.

You can customize your home screen by picking a single aesthetic trend. You can go as vague as a color scheme to something as specific as a fandom. Animal Crossing, for instance, has many stan communities that insert pictures of their favorite characters in between icons. To make your home screen aesthetic af, you can download Widgetsmith. While it costs $2 for the basic version, it’s worth it if you want to have the premium version. It’s a free app, but Widgetsmith has gained huge popularity with iOS 14’s launch.

To customize your home screen with the most unique themes, head over to TikTok and get inspired. These apps feature hundreds of iOS 14 home screen ideas. A lot of these designs are color-based, which means they use one color on each page. You can follow the same rules and make your home screen a masterpiece. Remember to use a black background and organize your apps according to color. You can add custom image widgets and calendars with Widgetsmith.

Creating an aesthetic home screen is a simple matter of choosing one aesthetic trend. Some people choose a color scheme, while others opt for a specific theme. You can also use icons from popular apps to make your home screen more attractive. Whether you want to add a widget or customize the background, you’ll find an endless number of themes for your iOS 14 home screen.

The aesthetic home screen is a great way to make your iPhone look unique and stylish. If you love movies, you can create a movie-themed home screen using images and icons. To create this type of aesthetic home screen, you will need to install the Widgetsmith app and a black background. The Widgetsmith app will help you customize your home screens with beautiful images and widgets.

Another way to make your iOS 14 home screen aesthetic af is to add custom widgets. You can also use an app called Widgetsmith to create your own home screen. This application has grown significantly in popularity since iOS 14 was released. Its user-friendly interface is essential for all iOS users. If you want your home screen to be aesthetically appealing, you can use Widgetsmith.

Aesthetic themes are a great way to personalize your home screen. Theme-based home screens are very popular on TikTok. These are home screens where different icons are organized in a way that compliments the images. These home screens can be as af as they are useful. Moreover, you can use Widgetsmith to create your own custom themes.

There are plenty of other ways to customize your iOS 14 home screen. Try out the app Widgetsmith, which is a popular app that allows you to create custom widgets and change background colors. If you’re a fan of movies, you can use TikTok to create a unique movie-themed home screen. Themes are the most important part of creating an aesthetic and they can be created in a few ways.