How to Make Your Phone Aesthetic With Shortcuts

The best way to make your iPhone more aesthetic is to change the shortcuts. These are the apps you open most often, such as the calculator, camera, phone, and email apps. You can change the icon or the name of each one to create a more personalized home screen. If you’re not sure where to start, you can read more about these options below. You can also change the wallpaper. If you like, you can also switch between two different themes – one for the home screen, the other for the lock screen.

how to make your phone aesthetic with shortcuts

When creating a shortcut, you can name it anything you want. You can also choose an icon that matches the style of your phone case. You can even name the app after an image from your Photos library. But be careful not to make your home screen look cluttered with too many icons. Instead, select an image you like and save it to your phone’s Photos library. If you are not comfortable with using icons, you can also use a screenshot from a website.

Once you’ve downloaded a theme, you can change it by adding it to your home screen. Just be sure to choose an icon that suits your style. In this case, it’s an application that will be available on your home screen. Once you’ve added it, you’ll want to customize it with the icons and colors you like. If you want to use a specific color on your home screen, you’ll want to use a theme that matches your phone’s colors.

You can also make your shortcuts more appealing by replacing the default icons of apps with customized ones. After creating a shortcut, you need to hide the original app icon so that the app icon doesn’t take up space on the home screen. Then, you can long-press the icon of the app and choose a different icon. Changing the shortcut’s icon is simple. All you need to do now is to tap the icon of the app and change the icon.

You can change shortcuts to have a unique icon. You can also change the icons to use custom ones. After creating the shortcut, you can choose the icon you want for it. You can hide the old icon and create a new one. If you are using Apple, the best way to make shortcuts more aesthetic is to use custom icons. These will not replace the actual apps on the home screen, but will give it a more unique look.

The first important aspect of a phone is its wallpaper. It is essential for your phone to look stylish and aesthetic. By using custom icons on your phone, you can change the default icons of apps. This will make it easier to find apps you use regularly. You can also personalize your shortcuts by changing the app icons. You can find thousands of icons on the internet for free or purchase them on a website.

Once you have the shortcuts, you can replace the regular app. You can also make the shortcut into a widget. You can also move it to the app library by long-pressing on the home screen. Besides saving the shortcuts, you can also group them into groups to add more aesthetic appeal to your phone. Alternatively, you can save the icons in a folder and use it to create custom wallpapers for your device.

Shortcuts can be useful when you want to customize the appearance of your phone. You can make shortcuts for various apps, including your favorite music player and Shazam. By creating a shortcut, you can customize the look and feel of your home screen. You can create as many shortcuts as you want, and the more you have, the more customizing options you can create. You can also set custom app icons on your home screen and add them to your existing ones.

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