How to Make Your iPhone 7 Aesthetic

how to make your iphone 7 aesthetic

If you want to personalize your iPhone, you can install custom icon sets. You can find matching icons sets online, but if you’re looking for a free option, consider creating your own. Widgetsmith is a dedicated app that will help you make your home screen look good. There are 11 types of icons, so you’ll have no problem finding ones that match your style. You can also download free icon packs from Twitter.

If you’re looking for an app to customize your iPhone’s home screen, you’ll be happy to know that iOS 14 has a wide range of options for aesthetic customization. You can change the wallpaper and lock screen to reflect your personality and style. There are also a lot of new skins that come with iOS 14. Depending on your taste, you can replace your existing home screen icon with a new one.

There are a few other new ways to customize your home screen. If you’re tired of the same old wallpapers, you can replace them with new ones that are inspired by fall. Apple has added the Translate app and a new App Store. The new iOS update also provides sneak peeks at native apps and other customization options. You can also add widgets to your home screen to add variety to your experience.

For aesthetic home screen life, you can disable notification bubbles, which are annoying on the iPhone. However, this option does not affect usability. The downside of this option is that you’ll need to go to the Shortcuts screen for a split second to see the notification bubbles. But it’s worth it if you prefer the aesthetic feel. The only downfall to it is that it will take you a few seconds more to get back to your home screen.

If you’d like to personalize your iPhone’s home screen, try using Widgetsmith. The app has a wide range of effects and offers one-of-a-kind masks. You can even create your own custom app icons and customize the appearance of your home screen. The only downside is that you need to download an app, which will take a few minutes. There are also many apps available for iOS 14, so you can easily personalize your phone without much trouble.

If you’d like to customize the home screen, you can choose a photo from the camera roll. To do this, go to the top right corner of your screen and press Add Action. Then, tap the icon you’d like to add. If you’d like to use a different photo, go to the camera roll to select a new one. If you’d like a different icon on the home screen, you can also make one of the three-dot menu on the top of your iPhone 7.