How to Make an Aesthetic iOS 14 Home Screen

how to make an aesthetic ios 14

For iPhone users, iOS 14 brings the ability to change the app icon covers to make the phone more visually appealing. The new version of iOS allows users to customize their home screens with custom icons and other settings. In this article, we will go over a few ways you can create your own aesthetic home screens. After downloading iOS 14, you will have the option of changing the background color of your icons and adding custom images.

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the Widgetsmith app. It’s a premium application that costs $20 per year and costs $2 per month. The basic version of Widgetsmith is free. It’s possible to create ultra-custom widgets with the app. If you want to have a completely customized home screen, consider purchasing a widget set from an online store like Appcelerator or the XDA Developer Center.

Once you have downloaded iOS 14, you’ll need to choose your icons. You can change the colors of each app by choosing a different icon and new names for your shortcuts. You’ll also need to choose the icon and name of your shortcuts. It’s best to stick to a theme. It’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing when you’re in the midst of a project.

Another helpful resource to make an aesthetic iOS 14 home screen is Picsart. With this app, you can use free pictures and edit them to create custom app icons. It also offers trendy filters, one-of-a-kind masks, and other effects to help you create a customized look. With these tools, you can create the aesthetic you’re looking for and customize the device in the most attractive way possible.

Adding widgets to your home screen will help you get more organized. If you’re into motivational quotes, you’ll love the Motivation widget. You can find a variety of other apps that are useful to you. Having an aesthetic home screen will make your iPhone more personal. There’s nothing like having a phone that reflects your personality. This new feature can help you customize your iOS 14 device even more.

In iOS 14, customization options have changed dramatically. You can now add video clips to your lock screen and change the app icons on the home screen. In addition to changing the app icons, you can also change the look of your icons. Previously, Apple has restricted the options you could apply to your home screen. However, iOS 14 has changed the rules, allowing users to customize the look of their devices. This makes it easier to keep your iPhone in the best possible way.

If you want to make your home screen more attractive, you can also download widgets. These are small GIF-like images that move when pressed. These widgets are also available for iPhones. You can choose to have a full-screen app or just a set of icons. For a more aesthetic iPhone, you can add a widget on it, or place it on the home screen.

Another way to make your home screen more aesthetic is to remove unnecessary apps. The simplest way to remove an app is by removing it from the home screen by pulling down. You can also remove an app by deleting its icon. The App Store is accessible through the App Library. To remove an unwanted application, you can access it by pressing and holding the app’s icon. This is not a delete feature, but it will remove the specific app from your homescreen.

If you want to make your iPhone more aesthetic, you can use an icon pack. You can use icons from different sources. For instance, you can download a free icon pack from the website If you don’t want to download an icon pack from the internet, there are other places to purchase a themed icon pack. You can find thousands of themed icon packs on Etsy, which you can then use to customize your iPhone.