How to Make iOS 14 Home Screen Aesthetic

There are several ways to customize the iOS 14 home screen. Using an app like Widgetsmith, you can add widgets to your Home Screen. The App Library is also a great place to bundle your un-aesthetic pages. To access the App Store, open Settings > General. Go to the “Apps” tab and select “Library.” Choose an icon from your Photo Library, and long-press it to add it to your Photo Stream.

how to make ios 14 home screen aesthetic

After you’ve added your widgets, you can use Widgetsmith to change the look of your home screen. Then, select the picture that you want to use as the icon. If you don’t have a photo of yourself, you can download it from Unsplash or Pinterest. When you’re done, go to your Apps folder and tap “Edit” in the Apps menu.

There are numerous apps to customize the look of your iPhone’s home screen, and many people have spent more than three hours creating them. You can use custom icons and other options to make your iOS 14 home screen look the way you want. You can also choose from an array of beautiful wallpapers. Aesthetic home screens are a great way to express your personality. The dazzling variety of themes available on iOS 14 can be quite overwhelming.

Besides buying icon sets, you can also create your own. There are many resources online that offer free or low-cost icon packs. You can also buy pre-made home screen packs or browse Etsy for pre-made designs. This will save you the time and effort of creating custom icons for your phone’s home screen. There are even a few apps you can make yourself! This guide will teach you how to customize your iPhone home screen to reflect your personality.

A few simple tips are all that’s needed. The first thing to do is remove apps that you don’t use. The App Library is easily found by pulling down on the home screen and tapping “Choose” or “Add a photo” in the lower-right corner. Once you’ve made a photo, you’ll need to name it, edit the file, and save it.

There are several ways to hide apps. The first is by moving to the App Library and searching for an app. After you have found the right app, open the App Library and select the app you want to delete. The second is to delete the apps that you don’t want to keep. To remove a single app, you must select it in the App Library. Otherwise, you can move the whole page.

Lastly, you can change the colors of the app icons. Apple’s iOS 14 update allows you to customize the colors and sizes of the icons on the home screen. You can also change the font of the app’s icon. By hiding apps, you’ll see the underlying icons of your apps, which are easier to read. You can customize the Home screen and change its color and size.

Changing the theme on your home screen can give your iPhone a new look. You can change the background of the app and change the color of its icons to suit your tastes. The wallpaper is the most important element on your home screen and should match the other aesthetics of your phone. By changing the background, you can also change the color of the widgets. You can also use a new icon to change the name and icon of the app shortcuts.

Another way to make your iOS 14 home screen aesthetic is to use custom widgets. By changing the colors of the widgets, you can customize the entire interface. This will allow you to add your own customized widgets to the iPhone and make it even more attractive. In addition, you can use apps from your library to customize your home screen. However, keep in mind that the iOS 14 app library is very limited. If you want to make your home screen look more appealing, you must install custom app icons for the icons.